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Be it a live, hybrid, or completely virtual event format, we are here to advise you and fully execute your event. What is the best approach for your event, what tools and services should be implemented, and what makes a virtual format different from a live one?

We offer you one-stop service from consultation to preparation of your topical concept to the sustainable organization of your event to follow-up documentation.

We use our expertise knowledge and creative ideas to ensure that your event makes effective use of resources while simultaneously contributing to sustainability. Our accumulated experience includes the preparation and execution of international events as well as the organization of internal workshops and high-profile receptions. We draw on this know-how to help you realize a professional and goal-oriented event.

Responsible Use of Resources

We minimize the ecological footprint of your event. Our idea of a responsible concept not only takes into account energy efficiency but also considers among others the origin of catered food and eco-friendly transportation logistics.

Sustainable Effect

We make sure that your event provides positive impetus and achieves results that those involved will integrate into their work in the long-term. In order to attain a sustainable effect, we assist you in determining the most appropriate event format and the most effective way to communicate with participants before, during and after the event.

Expert Network Events for Tomorrow

greenstorming is a founding member of the Netzwerk Eventforum for virtual and hybrid events.

greenstorming is a founding member of the expert network
events for tomorrow. Our goal is to ingrain the concept of sustainability in the event industry and remove existing obstacles for event organizers.

greenstorming is a member of visitBerlin Convention Partner e.V.


greenstorming cooperates with atmosfair to offset during the final stages any emissions we are not able to reduce from the start.