The following is a selection of our projects.


The "#SmartDevelopmentDay"

of the #SmartDevelopmentFund took place on March 08, 2022, in celebration of International Women's Day, to provide a platform for locally developed and globally implemented digital innovation projects that put women's rights at the center of digital transformation and advance the democratization of information. This online event brought together creative minds in the digital and development sectors from around the world in an interactive format with live keynotes, engaging panels, and an online marketplace with workshops and networking opportunities.


Overall management including public relations, creation of production plan and briefing materials, consulting on virtual/hybrid formats, design and maintenance of event platform and interaction tools, set-up and embedding of streaming, direction

The Migration & Diaspora Programme (PMD)

of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH implemented 30 hybrid and virtual events in the second half of 2021. On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the programme promotes people with a migration history in Germany who are committed to development policy and supports partner countries in harnessing the positive effects of regular migration and diaspora engagement for their sustainable development. In a variety of formats, the PMD provided information about the programme's funding opportunities in the more than 20 partner countries. The spectrum of events ranged from workshops with about 30 experts to trade fairs with over 300 participants.


Consulting and conception of the events, setting up the digital infrastructure, preparation of control plans and briefing materials for participants, speakers, setting up virtual fairs and networking spaces, technical support, implementation, evaluation

With GIZ meets YOUrban: Practitioners - potential - perspectives

on 4-5 November 2021 as part of the GIZ Urban October, a virtual space was created in which more than 180 practitioners, researchers and students could discuss trends and projects in sustainable urban development at eye level and network across institutions. After two expert panels on the opportunities and challenges of Urban Labs and Green Recovery, a number of parallel workshops on various aspects of sustainable urban development were offered, where participants could contribute their own experiences.


Recording of video messages, comprehensive overall conception of the event, set-up of conference platform, online registration, interaction tools, advice on virtual and hybrid formats, preparation of production schedule and briefing materials, evaluation
© BIM/ Jens Jeske

The Customer Reception 2021 of BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH

took place on 6 September 2021 as a face-to-face event at Club Gretchen under 3G regulations. The 70 or so guests looked back together on the milestones of the past legislative period, took a look at the future challenges, networked and enjoyed a nice evening with stimulating conversations over drinks and food from the grill.


Invitation and participant management, on-site registration, verification of 3G credentials, hygiene and safety concept, on-site quality assurance, evaluation

The EUKI Networking Conference 2021

took place online on November 23 and 24, 2021 under the motto "Fit for Climate Action - Together for a climate-neutral Europe". At the two-day conference, hosted by the European Climate Initiative on behalf of the BMU, more than 300 participants from EUKI project implementers as well as representatives of the BMU, the EU Commission, the EUKI office and the municipal level were able to network and exchange ideas. In addition to inspiring presentations on the first day, e.g. by State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth (BMZ), Director of DG Climate Policy of the European Commission, Yvon Slingenberg, and the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, the participants took part in interactive workshops on various topics on the second day. The first day could also be followed simultaneously via livestream on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.


Creation/maintenance of the event website, direction, conference platform and online registration, consulting and conception of the virtual event, setup of digital infrastructure, creation of the production schedule, briefing of speakers and moderators
© S.I.G.N.A.L. e.V.

The event "(Initial) Health care after sexualized violence"

of the Coordination and Intervention Center and the office of the Round Table Berlin - Health Care for Domestic and Sexualized Violence, S.I.G.N.A.L. e.V. took place online on September 10, 2021. The conference was attended by a total of about 150 representatives from the fields of health care, anti-violence work, child and youth welfare, police/justice, administration, politics and science. Ms. Dilek Kalayci, Senator for Health, Care and Equality, opened the event via video. Victims of sexualized violence reported on their experiences in short interviews. After presentations from specialists in science, medicine and other fields, the participants were able to become active and discuss various topics in eight parallel workshops. At the end, the declaration "Ensure comprehensive initial medical care after rape. Close gaps in care!" of the S.I.G.N.A.L. e.V. was presented, which was supported with overwhelming agreement of the participants.


Consultation and conception of the virtual event, set-up of the digital infrastructure, registration, preparation of the production plan and briefing materials for participants, briefing of speakers and moderators, technical support, implementation

The science-led quality dialogue on all-day care

of the DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education organized a series of workshops on "Success factors for good all-day programs". The 12 webinars on six different topics took place online between January 15 and May 11, 2021. After presentations and panel discussions by experts from academia and practice, the 40-80 participants were able to exchange ideas verbally and in the form of a writing conversation on the padlet. There was also the possibility for the participants to exchange ideas in smaller groups during breakout sessions.


Consulting for didactic and org. design of virtual events, creation of detailed schedules, technical briefings and padlets, write-up of digital infrastructure, guideline for moderation, technical moderation, recording of greetings, implementation