The following is a selection of our projects.

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Digital Kontrovers!

is an event series from the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), which revolves around questions on digitalization in development cooperation. Two opposing experts engage in a discussion with each other and the audience on issues like blockchain, artificial intelligence, drones, and digital workspaces. How do these new tools and technologies alter traditional development cooperation? What opportunities do they offer? What risks do they entail? You can find more information at


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Workshops on good practices in unarmed civilian protection (UCP) by Nonviolent Peaceforce

Since late 2017, the non-governmental organization Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) has been convening a series of regional workshops to strengthen all types of work of nonviolent protection of civilians in the midst of violent political conflicts. The facilitated 3-days workshops are based on the experiences of the participating practitioners and focus on learning from the various organizations and different contexts in which the participants work. The goal of the workshop series is to compile a collection of good practices both to improve existing field work and to help organizations starting in civilian protection. So far, workshops have been held in Asia (the Philippines), the Middle East (Lebanon) and Africa (Kenya). The next workshops are planned for South/Central America and North America/Europe. Since the beginning of 2018, greenstorming has been assisting NP with the workshop preparations pro bono.


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The solution conference “Chain2Sustain - Supply Chains, Digital Technologies and Traceability”

on November 29, 2018, presented current applications of emerging digital technologies in global supply chains with a focus on blockchains and surrounding technologies. Chain2Sustain revolved around solution workshops in which 140 actors from development cooperation, blockchain and digital startups, public institutions and corporations were actively working on issues related to global supply chains with the aim of finding suitable solutions. The conference was hosted by GIZ Blockchain Lab and BMZ.


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The German Renewable Energy Research Association (FVEE)

greenstorming has been supporting the annual meeting of the German Renewable Energy Research Association (FVEE) since 2016. The annual meeting takes places every fall in Berlin. For the past few years, the event has been held at the Umweltforum in Friedrichshain. Around 400 participants, interested public and experts in research, industry, and policy, gather together for two days of presentations and discussions on topics like research, innovation, and digitalization within the context of energy transformation.


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The 2nd specialist conference “Learning Freiham“

took place on 21 June 2018, with around 250 participants at the Isarforum in Munich, at the invitation of the Department for City Planning and Building Regulations of the Munich State Capital. Head of the Municipal Planning and Building Control Office, Prof. Dr. (I) Merk, and department employees discussed the challenges and potential for modern city planning with a focus on future mobility, vibrant neighborhoods, and quality architecture and open spaces along with experts, politicians and other State representatives. The event marked the progress made in Freiham, one of the largest development areas in Germany. On 22 June 2018, the conference was followed by an internal exchange of knowledge and experiences for around 70 participants.


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The South-South Learning Forum (SSLF)

is the flagship event of the World Bank Group's Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice.  Since its launch, the event has brought together more than 1,300 policy makers and practitioners from more than 100 developing countries to share and advance global knowledge and practice on social protection.

The 260 participants of the SSLF 2018 focused on “Building Resilience through Adaptive Social Protection”. The forum was held at the InterContinental Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany, in February 2018. 


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German AIDS Service Organization (Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe)

launched the campaign “No AIDS for anyone! – Let’s Write History Together” under the patronage of retired Bundestag President Rita Süssmuth on 12 May 2017. Thanks to a variety of initiatives, no one in Germany should have to contract AIDS ever again. For more information, refer to the campaign website:


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